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RE-UP: #BSF chief declares full force as corruption-prone, sparks outrage within


Many are surprised, some are shocked and the rest are silent.

In October 2015, DK Pathak, the former Director General (DG) of the Border Security Force (BSF) remarked how the ‘elite’ force he was ‘proud to lead’ had ‘very less’ number of corruption cases. Within 20 months, things have a turn for the worse or so it seems. In a two-page order issued last month by the current DG, KK Sharma’s office, almost all posts and appointments in the force ‘have been identified as sensitive posts and corruption prone areas in the BSF’. No justification, further explanation or course of action has been provided in the said order.

The order was issued by the Pers Section of the Pers Directorate which deals with personnel-related issues and can be equated with the Human Resource (HR) wing in other organisations. The order has been ‘approved by the competent authority’ (a reference to the Director General himself) and goes on to list six formations which it believes are corruption-prone and sensitive. Beginning with all appointments and directorates within the Force Headquarters, the order goes on to list Command Headquarters, training institutions, Frontier Headquarters all the way to the Sector Headquarters and Battalion Headquarters. A closer reading of the order reveals how even junior and functional offices have not been spared from the taint of being ‘corruption-prone’. For example, those dealing with ration and welfare at the battalion headquarters have been placed under this order’s ambit. Those dealing with recruitment, postings, construction, cash and accounts and even vigilance matters will have a tougher scrutiny over their work thanks to this order.

DG BSF KK Sharma

The exercise to identify such posts is a routine one but the broad sweep with which almost the entire organisation has been identified has led to raised eyebrows.

“The length and scope of this list is unprecedented since it almost covers the entire organisation. Some posts in the procurement department, because they involve dealing with external suppliers, may be considered sensitive and corruption prone. But how is the motor transport department for example being seen with the same lens? As I see it, pe

“The length and scope of this list is unprecedented since it almost covers the entire organisation. As I see it, people have failed in applying their minds”, said SK Sood

ople have failed in applying their minds”, said SK Sood, former Additional Director General of the BSF. It was believed that this list could also be used to justify transfers before the completion of tenures. Interestingly while the order states ‘all appointments’ for nearly all the formations, it also contradicts itself and specifies posts which have been brought under this order.

Many within the force are seeing this as a measure of the panic in the wake of the controversy involving Constable Tej Bahadur Yadav who had earlier this year alleged corruption leading to poor nutrition for lower functionaries of the force. To prove his point Yadav had uploaded on social media video clips in which he was seen displaying the allegedly substandard food being served on duty. Yadav was dismissed from service on April 19 this year by a Summary Security Force Court which heard the case from April 13. Serving BSF men who spoke to this correspondent on the basis of anonymity said the force was trying to improve and tighten its vigilance component.

Despite sending a questionnaire neither the BSF Headquarters nor the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) presented their viewpoint on the issue.



NICE, SOLID primer on BSF’s growing Air Wing


Induction of Two New Mi – 17 V5 in BSF

The two new advanced Mi – 17 V5 have landed in India and to be inducted into the BSF Air Wing, which are tasked to carry air support missions for BSF troops along the borders and in the hinterland for Anti-Naxal operations.

The Russian made Mi- 17 V5 choppers will boost the flying capability of BSF that are deployed for a variety of Internal Security tasks in some of the most arduous and inhospitable conditions at numerous locations.

The two new Mi – 17 V5 initially based at the BSF Hanger at Safdarjung Airport are to be inducted into the fleet by Hon’ble Union Home Minister of India Shri Rajnath Singh on 09th April 2015 at 1500 Hrs at Safdarjung Airport, BSF Air Wing, Hanger No 1, New Delhi.

These two Mi – 17 V5 are armed with the latest avionics and night flying capabilities which has been a long-time requirement for Border Security Force which is undertaking operations in Naxal violence affected zones.

Introduction of BSF Air Wing

BSF Air Wing has a fleet of 04 Fixed Wing (FW) aircrafts(Embraer-01, Avro- 02 and SKA B-200- 01) and 13 helicopters operating under aegis of MHA. BSF Air Wing is involved in providing required Air support to the nation for addressing threats to the internal security since 1969. As of date Rotary Wing fleet consists of 06 MI-17 1V, 06 ALH (Dhruv) and 01 Cheetah helicopter. These  helicopters are operating from BSF Air bases established at Ranchi, Raipur, Agartala, Srinagar  and Safdarjung Airport, New Delhi.

Medium lift helicopters (MLH) MI-17 1V fleet was inducted in BSF in 2003. These helicopters were procured under J & K action plan. Earlier this fleet was mainly used for air logistics and communication tasks. However, in the last few years their employment and the scope of their utilization has extended to include disaster relief, Special Heliborne Operations (SHBO) for the National Security Guards, Anti-Naxal Operations, Counter Insurgency Operations, Air-maintenance of the remote Border Out Posts, Casualty Evacuation etc. The versatility of the MI-17 platform has opened up new avenues for additional tasks like reconnaissance, security, urban policing, VIP movement etc.  There is an expanding operational requirement to augment our capacity of medium lift helicopters due to the dynamic nature of national security threats,. The additional role and tasks demanded for expansion and modernization of the existing medium lift helicopter fleet of BSF Air Wing.

To meet the increased role and tasks that MHA has mandated on BSF Air Wing, procurement of eight Mi 17 V5 helicopters was dovetailed with the demand of the Indian Air Force (IAF) and Aviation Research centre (ARC) and the procurement was centrally handled by MoD with Rosoboronexport, Russia.

Our Govt’s operational directive, enunciated the security environment and likely internal security scenario in the country which is to be largely addressed by CAPF. The Govt. recognizes the increasing use of air dimension in addressing the internal security challenges in the country. Air assets provide the most effective assistance to the internal security challenges like CI Operations, IS Duties, Anti-Naxal Operations, Disaster Management, Elections, Urban Policing, specialized anti-terrorist tasks.

The Govt’s aim is to provide short, swift and sharp air-lift capabilities to the troops of CAPFs and assist in ground operations. Any ground movement of troops is time consuming, vulnerable to IEDs  and ambushes by the Naxals. The security forces are required to operate from deep inside the inaccessible terrain in these areas with continuous shifting of their operation sites. Therefore, the safest and quickest passage can only be attained by creating Air-bridge with the help of MLH between the CAPF bases. Hence Govt has decided to deploy these MI 17 V5 helicopters in Delhi, Raipur and Ranchi airbases.

Utility of MI 17 V5 is also very much relevant in following operational scenario.

(i)        Induction & de-induction of troops.

(ii)       Air support for ground operations.

(iii)     Casualty evacuation.

(iv)      Disaster Management and NBC scenario.

(v)       Specialist Counter-insurgency operations.

(vi)      Internal Security Duties, Election Duties, etc.

(vii)    Specialized anti-terrorist tasks including training especially NSG.

(viii)   Performing tasks like Shifting of detainees, carrying of arms, ammunition and other materials.

The MI-17 V5 helicopters are most suitable for the above requirements due to following reasons:-

(i)        Large carrying capacity (approx 36 troops at a time).

(ii)       Suitable for Armour plating to bear Naxal fire.

(iii)     Capable of undertaking fire fighting ops (can carry water bucket of 5000 litres.

(iv)      Capable of operating in nuclear disaster by using specialized lead plates.

(v)       Capable of operating in all areas upto 200 kms radius.

(vi)      Capability of converting into air- ambulance.

(vii)    Suitable for all required tasks.

Out of total 08 Mi 17 V5 helicopters, first batch of 02 Mi 17 V5 helicopters have arrived & are being inducted in BSF Air Wing. Rest of the 06 helicopters will be inducted in two phases during the current financial year (2015-16).  The next batch of 3 hepters are planned to be arrived in May & balance 03 hepters in Sep 2015.

Necessity of Air Wing in BSF

At many places, the deployment of BSF is such that for most of the year the road link is totally cut off. For any emergencies arising in these areas and for augmenting the administrative support to these places, the dependence on the Air route was felt. To overcome these problems. It was felt the need of BSF Air Wing and this Air Wing was established with one Queen Air in 1969. Though the initial operations were limited. With the increase in the use of Queen Air, the need was felt for increasing the number and types of Aircrafts in the inventory of BSF.

Thereby two Dakotas were purchased in 1970s. These Dakotas were kept in service till 1980 and then as the Dakotas were replaced by AVROs. In the year 1982, Super King B200 Aircraft was added to the inventory of BSF, to increase the air capabilities of BSF.

During that period BSF air fleet was utilized to air support to just a single force i.e. BSF. The scope of duties was extended to all other CAPFs and Air Wing was re-designated as a common pool of CAPFs.

In the year 1993 so as to augment the operations in the Arid regions of Rajasthan Ranns of Gujrat, Chetak helicopter was inducted.



S.No Year Type of Aircraft &     Nos Base
1. 1969 Queen Air C-80            : 01 New Delhi
2. 1969 MI – 4 H/c                    : 04 O&M – IAF
3. 1972 Dakota                                      : 01 New Delhi
4. 1974 Dakota                          : 04 New Delhi
5. 1982 SKA B-200                   : 01 New Delhi
6. 1982 HS – 748 Avro                         : 01 New Delhi
7. 1984 HS – 748 Avro                         : 01 New Delhi
8. 1987 SKA B-200                   : 01 New Delhi
9. 1990 Chetak H/c                    : 01 Jodhpur
10. 1991 HS – 748 Avro                         : 03 New Delhi
11. 1994 SKA B – 200                : 01 New Delhi
12. 1997 Cheetah H/c                  : 01 J & K
13. 2003 Mi – 17 1V H/c             : 06 New Delhi
14. 2005 Embraer 135 BJ            : 01 New Delhi
15. 2009 ALH                             : 08 Raipur, Ranchi, AGartala
16. 2015 Mi – 17 V5 H/c             02: 08 Raipur, Ranchi, Sringar, Delhi


 (Text by Public Relations Officer, BSF)


IN PARLIAMENT: Data showing in J&K, conflict has shifted from LoC to IB and how





New Delhi: Phalguna 05, 1936

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The details of ceasefire violation (CFVs) in Jammu and Kashmir along India-Pakistan Border from June, 2014 to January, 2015 are as under:

Area of India-Pakistan Border Number of ceasefire Violations
Along the Line of Control (LC) and International Border (IB) under operational control of Army. 126
International Border (IB) under operational control of Border Security Force (BSF). 559

Details of Casualties on the Indian side in CFVs and other tactical incidents along the India-Pakistan border in Jammu and Kashmir are as under:

S. No. Casualties 2014 2015

(upto 15th February)

(1) Security Personnel martyred

(a) Army personnel

(b) BSF personnel





(2) Civilians killed 14 02

No authentic information is available regarding casualties on Pakistan’s side.

The allocation of funds for defence is made to enable preparedness of the armed forces to meet the security challenges faced by the country.

This information was given by Defence Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar in a written reply to Shri K.C. Tyagi in Rajya Sabha today.