EXCLUSIVE: In leaked note, navy talks about ‘spike’ in officers quitting. My piece.





One thought on “EXCLUSIVE: In leaked note, navy talks about ‘spike’ in officers quitting. My piece.”

  1. There is no doubt that the seventh pay commission will further erode the attractiveness of the military profession leading either to a quantitative or qualitative decline in the calibre of our troops who are expected to be tech savvy to operate in a modern battlefield scenario. This is of course of little or no concern to our political leadership who with the active connivance of the bureaucracy have constantly downgraded the military and havent the faintest idea of the demands of the military profession and perhaps think that everybody can be as incompetent as them and still get things done. The hash the bureaucrats have made of the implementation of demonetisation is but one example.

    However this spike that you mention may be just a one-time event as many officers were waiting to put in their papers after the Pay Commission was accepted. The important thing to assess is if this spike is of superseded officers / young officers/ SSC officers.which may better indicate a trend.

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