Anjali Damania: Prashant Bhushan a very, very respectful person, we need him. Infighting must stop & leaders must help set up mechanisms which all want

There is no witch hunt against anyone. The letters by Admiral Ramdas & Prashantji are the ones that matter and they need to get addressed. My objection is that people should contribute in working instead of merely questioning. These issues have to be and will be addressed. It won’t take more than a month or so to set it all right.

About the money, I will say let the expenses and accounts reach the office. We have fought three elections in a year which is too much for any small party. Every single issue, dissent raised is important for the party. Only problem is that this should not be done via media, it needs to be done inside the party.

Mayank Gandhi should have spoken about the minutes being made public in the meeting that he attended. It should be done. What is the meaning of simply raising questions? Every leader needs to think it through. If a volunteer is punished when he is wrong, then even leaders should be held accountable.

The national executive was called only to tackle the problems. And issues raised are important, devolve responsibilities and people should take onus to set system right and not simply raise questions or write blogs

Genuinely feel Prashantji is a very very respectful person. When he made those statements my respect went down a bit. I would definitely like to see him as a leader of the party. We don’t expect him to make a mistake at all. No question of his marginalization. He should be supported for a larger, better role by everyone.

Conduct of some who attacked be it Ankit Lal, Ashutosh and Khetan they need to apologise sincerely about what they have done. They need to be pulled up.

Every volunteer wants transparency on accounts, candidate selection and other decisions. But after Lok Sabha we had six months. Why didn’t those who raise questions help in carving out these mechanisms then?

Camp system is wrong and if it exists, it needs to be demolished right away. We all need to do so.

I do not want to comment on Yogendra Yadav at all

As a volunteer I beg and plead all leaders to thrash out differences.

We have to have more faces, there are many leading lights, ladies need to be brought forward.


So, what do you think about it?

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