QUICK READ: ‘Those interested in keeping flame of idealism alive will save AAP says Prof. Anand Kr in an interview to me

Professor Anand Kumar

1. Need a more harmonious PAC. Consensus is Kejriwal must continue as convener. Open offer from Bhushan and Yadav to allow the reconstitution of PAC, pending since June 2014 on under representation, which is a very insignificant body.

2. Those interested in keeping the flame of idealism burning will keep AAP together. I am sure there will be an amicable outcome. ‘Na chodenge na todenge’

3. No doubt about a let down. Expectations were of Delhi’s development, expansion, party restructuring but fractures within the core party members, deep misunderstandings and talking too much to the media. We need to apologise to our volunteers & well wishers

4. Layers of conflict resolution are there. Am sure we will settle things today. Our newfound heroes are expressing their personal views but members of National Executive have been quiet and civil.

5. ON KEJRIWAL’S ROLE: Behind media glare, Kejriwal is doing his bit. He wants to be very focused on Delhi, he has said it, like Arjun with an eye on the target.

6. ON RED FLAGS BY LOKPAL, BHUSHAN ETC: We have taken baby steps against nepotism, accountability of funds, Lokpal etc. Many want to write our obituary like Congress, BJP, crony capitalists, CBI and the like. Give us some time, we are only two years old.

7. ON AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR BY ASHUTOSH, KHETAN & CO: My generation has seen tragic self destruction by intemperate use of,language and going to media for anything and everything be it the Janata Party experiment when giants like Morarji, Charan Singh fell apart and then Janata Dal experiment. They are like my brothers and I will talk to them within our party not in media. Let’s not be judgemental, if you judge, the other one won’t care.

8. ON HIS ROLE: Obliged to bring to notice of the National Executive members how many want us dead. Middle path is what we need. Allow the other to speak and empathize.


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