Sir, you know what to do. Let me tell what NOT to. Letter to my CM @ArvindKejriwal

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, as the celebrations carry on, I am reporting on the state of exhilaration being seen and felt in Delhi. Clearly the city-state has never seen such a decisive mandate. It is as if Delhi wanted to correct the hung mandate it gave and the resultant impasse and in doing so it expressed an unprecedented anguish which drowned even those who claimed they had a copyright over generating waves.

Well done, Sir.

I had also in the last few days observed and reported about how your party was all set to rout the BJP. Still you, your candidates and leaders expressed doubts over how Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) would be tampered with and the ruling party would misuse the bureaucracy and state apparatus to stop your March. I hope that you now agree that we do have robust systems and a deep-rooted democracy in place.

This is a small message that I, not only as a resident of Delhi but also someone who saw your previous government from close quarters, want to share with you on this historic day. So here it goes:

1. Your voters want comfort and do not enjoy the politics of confrontation.

2. Corruption is definitely an issue but not something over which they will seek to inconvenience themselves over a long period.

3. Governance is not only about Jan Lokpal bill or curbing corruption. There is much more you can do.

4. Do not tell us how the Modi govt at the centre or Khattar govt in Haryana or Samajwadi govt in UP or AIADMK govt in Tamil Nadu is trying to make life difficult for you. Administrators find solutions and not merely flag problems.

5. Do not feel you have humbled the PM just because you won in Delhi. Modi is no walkover and just eight months ago, he won, just like you today, with an unprecedented margin. The country hasn’t given you his job. You both have a mandate, separate mandates I must say.

6. The opposition, at the national level, is in disarray and I feel your victory that too in Delhi has given wind to their sails. When, a day before voting, I was informed of parties like JDU, CPM, JDU, RJD rallying behind you, I was hardly surprised. In the coming days you will have more such faces swarming to you, may even promise you a national role as a giant killer. DON’T FALL FOR THAT JUST YET. Delhi has voted you in, be faithful. You may be known nationally but it doesn’t mean you are PM candidate, not just yet.

7. Delhi needs governance and desperately so. Work hard, build Delhi, make it a model of governance the way others have done so in other states and then look beyond.

8. Of all the people, Anna Hazare has said today that you must focus on deliverables and not indulge in things which only draw media attention. Avoid metro, accept the security staff you get, accept the residence a Delhi CM is entitled to, if your car needs a red light atop, please dont go to the press complaining about it.

9. Control your party volunteers. A white Gandhi topi is going to be in great demand. At traffic junctions, at important gates, anyone wearing white topi will expect VIP treatment. I don’t mean to sound rude but your volunteers are equally rabid to those who you crushed in these elections.

10. Sab chor nahee hai! You have said many things to many people, journalists including. ‘Bikey hue hai sab ke sab’, is something I have heard from you before. Since many among us covered your campaign faithfully (like we did for those who lost) I am hopeful that as an administrator you will handle people and subjects in a better manner and not go for what George Bush described as ‘with us or against us’. Not everyone who will question you will be an Ambani or these days, Adani agent including yours truly.

Also, as a side point this time even the BJP said we were biased in your favour. You know we journalists actually believe we are doing our job when everyone abuses us.

What should you do you may ask.

Well, I have gone through your manifesto which does read like a detailed piece of work. Just implement that and may be you won’t require another when we talk in 2020.

Meanwhile, please execute the provision for free wi-fi for entire Delhi first, my data charges for the phone cost me a lot!


So, what do you think about it?

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