FROM INDIA TO KENYA: ‘Updated Navigational Chart’ courtesy survey ship, INS Jamuna

Admiral RK Dhowan, Chief of Naval Staff
Admiral RK Dhowan, Chief of Naval Staff


The Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral RK Dhowan, is scheduled to visit Kenya from 02-06 Nov 14 to progress and consolidate defence relations with the Indian Ocean Region country.

India and Kenya have enjoyed historical maritime linkages since many centuries. The visit by the Chief of the Naval Staff will not only cement existing maritime linkages but will also explore avenues to build more bridges of friendship. India already has an ongoing and fruitful bilateral engagement with Kenya. Apart from regular ship visits, the Indian Navy has been extending training support to the Kenyan Navy. India has also extended hydro-graphic survey assistance to Kenya and IN survey ships have recently carried out significant surveys of Kenyan waters. One of the highlights of the visit is presentation of ‘first updated navigational chart’ of the areas by the CNS to Kenyan authorities (this survey was conducted by INS Jamuna, a survey ship  which is currently deployed on East African coast on a  hydro-graphic mission).

(Text and photos by Ministry of Defence, New Delhi)


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