BIGGEST IN NDA GOVT: @arunjaitley led MoD clears army and navy proposals over Rs 80,000crore. Click for details

1. Total projects cleared over Rs 80,000 crore

2. Six submarines cleared under PROJECT 75I for navy – Committee to be set up deciding shipyards to issued Request For Proposals for building six subs in India. Cost around Rs 50,000 crore.

3. Anti Tank Guided missile project ‘spike’ cleared for Rs 3200crore. It’s for the army and it is an Israel system. 300 plus launchers and 8000 missiles to be purchased from Israel

4. BMP 2 – for army. 363 Armored Personnel Carriers to be built by OFB. Cost is Rs 1800 crores.

5. 1761 Radio Relay Containers for army – costing Rs 662 crore. Made in India.

6. 12 Dorniers aircraft for Navy. To be made by HAL. Cost Rs 1850crore. Upgraded aircraft for maritime patrol aircraft.

7. Critical rolling stock for army Rs 740 crore. They carry arms, large guns, artillery etc. Basically wagons 1768 numbers. It’s a replacement.


So, what do you think about it?

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