RE-POSTING: Senior naval officer sacked for ‘stealing the affection of his brother officer’s wife’

In an effort to send a strong message down to the ranks, the Indian Navy has dismissed a Commodore-rank officer for behaviour unbecoming of an officer towards his brother officer. The dismissal letter, it was informed, was handed out to the officer in the last week of June.

It was informed that the officer dismissed had entered into a relationship with the wife of his fellow officer while the two were posted in the Kochi-based Southern Naval Command (SNC). The Commodore, who was holding the sensitive position of Chief Staff Officer (Operations) at the SNC, at the time of a complaint being received against him, was immediately relieved of his duty and placed under attachment. A Board of Inquiry (BoI) was ordered to establish facts and subsequently on finding the same, a Court Martial was ordered which culminated in the dismissal.

“The officer aggrieved, also a Commodore, had filed a written complaint to his senior authorities at the SNC six months ago following which the matter was investigated,” said a source.

Following the inquiry, the Naval Headquarters (NHQ) processed the case and recommended dismissal. When the matter moved further to the Ministry of Defence (MoD), his pension too was withheld and now he will be dismissed without any monetary benefits, whatsoever.

“Stealing the affection of his brother officer’s wife is simply unacceptable and the navy has a clear zero tolerance policy towards the same,” said a MoD official aware of the case.


One thought on “RE-POSTING: Senior naval officer sacked for ‘stealing the affection of his brother officer’s wife’”

  1. Does it need any comment as such. Uniformed Personnel, Commissioned/Gazetted Officers in particular must be very careful about their Conduct in Office as well as outside. I do recall a very Senior Officer of Ours under I had the Privilege of serving for sometime as a Young DySP/Coy Comdr,, telling on the very first day of my Posting under him that I should always remember that he would be a Senior Officer in Office and outside it he would be my Elder Brother taking care of me and my family as the Family Elder, and therefore, he expected me to behave accordingly. I did try to remember his comments all throughout my service days as also now.
    Best Wishes,

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