FULL TEXT: Veteran body details its betrayal by the #NDA govt #Budget2014

Ex-servicemen community got a rude shock after listening to Finance Minister in his budget speech. Finance Minister has allotted a mere Rs 1000 crore for OROP for 28.5 lac  ex-servicemen and 5 lacs hapless widows. It is pertinent to remember that NDA Government and Prime Minister Mr Modi had been constantly declaring that the OROP granted by UPA was a joke on Ex-servicemen. In meeting after meeting Mr Modi asked  Ex-servicemen to vote for NDA candidates and NDA would grant real OROP to the ex-servicemen as and when NDA  would form the Government. BJP got absolute majority in recent elections and ex-servicemen were very proud and felt elated because they had voted en-block for the BJP candidates. They felt that now here is a Govt which will look after their interest and would solve their long outstanding problems. But it seems their association with BJP is going to be very short lived. 

Ex-servicemen reject this meagre amount of Rs 1000 crore  for OROP because full range of OROP can not be covered by this amount. 

It is surprising that despite Parliament approving OROP in working budget on 17 Feb 14, Government order for its execution is still not issued ( A very good example of efficiency of DESW and MOD entrusted to look after welfare of Ex-servicemen and widows). It is no surprise that some forces inimical to Armed Forces and Veterans are busy overtime to deny full benefit of OROP to Ex-servicemen and widows. 

Ex-servicemen were elated and hopeful that they would take back gallantry medals (deposited with The President of India) with great Pomp and show asap the Government order for implementation, covering full range of OROP, is released by the GOI. Ex-servicemen are crestfallen after Finance Minister  Mr Arun Jaitley’s budget speech and will have to resort to deposit of more gallantry medals with The President of India. 10000 more gallantry medals are already available with IESM and these would be deposited soon with The President of India. 

IESM requests all ex-servicemen organisations to come together and demonstrate their strength and Vote power. Political parties should not forget that elections for  few states assemblies of India are due within next few months and vote of ex-servicemen will be a deciding factor in these elections. 

IESM requests the Government that implementation order covering full range of OROP, as defined by Sh Bhagat Singh Koshiari committee, should be released as early as possible (preferably within one week) and more funds as required to cover full range of OROP may be released by the Govt.

IESM is planning a mega rally in Delhi to put across the litany of woes of Ex-servicemen and widows. Details of the rally would soon be released to environment. All ex-servicemen are requested to tighten their belts for a long drawn battle on this great betrayal by the Government.


Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM
Gen Sec IESM


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