Stripes shipped, 399 young cadets transformed into officers towards upholding our maritime interests


1. At an impressivePassing Out Parade (POP) held at the Indian Naval Academy (INA), Ezhimala heretoday, 399 cadets of the Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard passed throughthe portals of the INA, on successful completion of their training.  This POP marked the commissioning of thecadets of the second B Tech graduate course (85th Indian NavalAcademy Course) into the Indian Navy here today morning.
2.                 The passing-outcadets belonged to the four passing-out courses of the Autumn Term   2013,viz., the 85th Indian Naval Academy Course (INAC), the 85thIntegrated Cadet Course (ICC), the 16th Naval Orientation (Extended)Course and the 17th Naval Orientation (Regular) Course.  Also graduating and marching shoulder toshoulder with their male counterparts were 28 female cadets from the IndianNavy and the Indian Coast Guard.

3.                 The parade wasreviewed by the Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral DK Joshi, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, NM,VSM, ADC.  After the ceremonial review,Admiral Joshi awarded medals to several meritorious cadets.  The Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief,Southern Naval Command, Vice Admiral Satish Soni, PVSM, AVSM, NM and, theCommandant, INA, Vice Admiral Pradeep Chauhan, AVSM & Bar, VSM, were alsopresent at this momentous occasion.  Allthe Passing-Out cadets took an Oath of Allegiance to the Constitution of India,which was administered by the Deputy Commandant and Chief Instructor, INA, RearAdmiral G V Ravindran.   The Passing-OutParade was witnessed by the proud parents and guardians of the successfulcadets, as well as by a large number of dignitaries, including several Defenceand Naval Attaches of friendly foreign countries.


4.                 The ‘PresidentsGold Medal’, for the cadet adjudged first in the overall order-of-merit of theINAC course was awarded to SquadronCadet Captain Kiran T Anil, ‘Chief of the Naval Staff Gold Medal’ for thecadet adjudged first in overall order-of-merit for the Naval Orientation(Extended) Course was awarded to probationary Sub Lieutenant Avijit Mishra.  Probationary Sub Lieutenant Kritika Sharma was awarded the ‘Chiefof the Naval Staff Gold Medal’ for the cadet adjudged first in overallorder-of-merit for the Naval Orientation (Regular) Course and also the ‘FlagOfficer Commanding-in-Chief (South) Gold Medal’ for being adjudged the bestfemale cadet of the course.

5.                 The glitteringceremony culminated with the successful cadets forming up in two columns, andmarching, with their gleaming swords held in salute, past the Academy’sSaluting Dias (known as the Quarterdeck), in Slow March, to the traditionalnotes of ‘Auld Lang Syne’, the poignant farewell tune played by all ArmedForces of the world when bidding adieu to colleagues and comrades.  Naval and Coast Guard Donier aircraft flewpast in perfect synchronization with the Passing-Out Drill.

6.                 On completion ofthe parade, the ceremony of ‘Shipping-of-Stripes’ was conducted.  The proud parents/guardians of thepassing  out cadets shipped the Naval (orCoast Guard) epaulettes, popularly known as ‘Stripes’ on the shoulders of theirchildren/wards, thus symbolizing their transformation from ‘cadets’ into fullfledged Naval or Coast Guard Officers and leaders.  The Chief Guest and other dignitaries presentcongratulated the trainees on their successful completion of the rigorouscourse.  On completion of the training atthe Indian Naval Academy,the officers will proceed to various Naval and Coast Guardships/establishments, to consolidate their training in specific fields.


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