‘Naval divers are searching the eentire Sub by feeling the surface in absence of visibility’

Working relentlessly on board INS Sindhurakshak  gained a second access to the submarine late last night when they successfully prised open the rear escape hatch which was submerged below water and jammed due to high temperatures. This operation was challenging but critical. Opening of the jammed forward escape hatch is also being attempted for an entry to the front portion of the submarine.

Another team worked their way into one of the forward compartments and found the fifth body of the eighteen missing late last night. The identification of all the five bodies of the crew members is being given high priority and all means including DNA profiling is being carried out.

Navy divers are carrying out the task of searching within the submarine by feeling each inch due to zero visibility within flooded compartments to locate the missing bodies and mark a probable route to be used for further rescue operation.

The families have been accommodated in naval premises and are being informed regularly on all aspects of the ongoing search activities by specially formed family support teams of naval officers, sailors and members of Navy Wives Welfare Association. 

Preliminary survey by reputed agencies underway.


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