GIVING VETERANS THEIR DUE: From denial to indifference & ‘action’; the complete story of how WE made the MoD sit up & take note

  • On June 7, Headlines Today reveals two letters written by Air Chief Marshal NAK Browne to the Defence Minister AK Antony on the issue of non-implementation of the Supreme Court’s order in the RANK PAY CASE. These letters were written in January & May 2013, but they failed to evoke any real response. In fact, our request to MoD’s Directorate of Public Relations & Ex-Servicemen Welfare Department for formal response/informal understanding, also went unanswered. Original report aired on the evening of June 7, 2013 followed by a discussion:
  • On June 8, we took the report further. The Retired Defence Officers Association (RDOA) informed us about them issuing a CONTEMPT notice as a precursor to CONTEMPT petition in the Supreme Court to the ex-Defence Secretary and present CAG Shashi Kant Sharma, Financial Adviser (Defence Services) Priti Mohanty, Secretary, Department of Expenditure RS Gujral & Controller General of Defence Accounts (CGDA) Arunava Dutt. Watch our report and discussion on the same, here:  


  • In the afternoon on Monday, June 10, my Deputy Editor & colleague Shiv Aroor informed me about the information that one of his top sources had provided him with. ‘The MoD was going to act based on this report,” he was informed. Thus, this article on June 11 in the Mail Today newspaper and India Today Online:


  • Subsequently, through other quarters, I learnt that Antony had sought a meeting of the top brass of his ministry on June 14 on this specific issue. The 45-minute long meeting did happen and the otherwise quiet MoD ‘sources’ got activated and information, for the first time, started flowing. My report on this was published on India Today Online and Mail Today newspaper today. The link:



This issue is far from getting sorted. However the India Today Group’s persistence in first revealing the muck and then pursuing the matter must not be lost on those who wonder why the MoD suddenly woke up to the Rank Pay case this week. 


2 thoughts on “GIVING VETERANS THEIR DUE: From denial to indifference & ‘action’; the complete story of how WE made the MoD sit up & take note”

  1. It’s important that such issues are handled carefully as most unformed veterans rarely raise such issues,once same has been clearly decided in favor of veterans by SC after over two interpreting same to disadvantage of Veterans is clearly denying them their full dues when in one case (Maj Dhanapal) SC had upheld Kerala High court decision.
    As a Nation it’s important to remember that Veterans children/kith kin do take up Defense as career,it will not be good to have, Veterans negative mind set and also Chanakya’s advise to king in regards to correct & timely paying dues to the soldiers.

  2. Reference to Min of Finance and AG is a typical (Indian) bureaucratic way to stall a decision.The files will go round and round among the officials without anyone firmly giving a firm and clear view.And even if one official does take a view, others will gloss over it and the issue will remain in limbo.If a bureaucrat does not wish to do a thing, he will ensure that it is never done.Anyone who has watched the BBC TV show “Yes minister”, will bear me out.

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