Today: Arrests, busts & disruption in Chattisgarh’s naxal-affected dists


On March 24, a joint team of state police & CRPF were on a combing mission in the Kandulnar, Guddipal-Pedakwali axis on Modakpal police station when they found and arrested three Sangham members wanted for charges of kidnapping,attempt to murder & murder. 1. Pulase Ravishankar (24) 2. Kurassam Munna (40) 3.  Telam Kamlu (age not mentioned). One Bharmar (country-made rifle)was recovered from Telam Kamlu.

Earlier today, police in Koilabeda PS in Kanker district busted four ‘memorials’ erected by Naxals. Also Naxals attempted disrupting the road link between Sukma’s Dornapal and Jagargunda. Sources close to the ground say they succeeded in that and chased away a few vehicles which were plying. However, SP of Sukma Abhishek Shandilya denied that. “They have thrown some pamphlets there. That is all,” he said.


So, what do you think about it?

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