Concluding the curve – Day 3

Onwards from Jaipur to New Delhi. Pic: Jugal R Purohit
Onwards from Jaipur to New Delhi. Pic: Jugal R Purohit

This was to be the cake and it did turn out to be one. Rotten though.

Having driven for nearly 12 hours over consecutive days, we deliberately kept the smallest part (around 300km) for the last day. But…

We started from Jaipur by 10am, hoping to lunch on the outskirts of New Delhi by 2pm. The road was promising, initially. With barely 10km behind us, the villainous mix of incomplete roads, lack of segregation between village road and the national highway and poor quality of surface entered the scene. Speed dipped to an average of not more than 20kmph! Cumbersome and treacherous.

By 3pm, we had only managed reaching Manesar, Haryana where a killer traffic jam hit us. Haryana being a small state and a progressive one at that, I had expected better.

Since I could not continue on the wheel anymore, we decided to halt at a dhaba. Thankfully the food was decent.

Back on the road and the jam was still there, waiting to swallow us. Over an hour went by as we crawled towards the national capital.

Once in, we were hit by the rush hour traffic. Thankfully, the wide roads and flyovers of Delhi compensated for it. By 6pm, having completed 1459km, we switched the car engine off in the compound of what is now our ‘rented & painted’ abode 🙂

May be a year from now, the journey would be better with road works complete and flyovers in place. However, the approach to the national capital OUGHT to be a bit more impressive than this. Seems nobody thought of it.


So, what do you think about it?

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