Adarsh shocker: Gen VK Singh is the genesis of our troubles

Former COAS Gen VK Singh in Pune. Photo: PRO Defence, Pune
Former COAS Gen VK Singh in Pune. Photo: PRO Defence, Pune
The Adarsh society, after almost two years in turmoil has finally found the cause behind its predicament. In its 6-page application filed in the Bombay High Court today, it has arrived at the conclusion that the real cause behind their woes was Gen (retd) VK Singh.
In the exact words, the application says,
“..the alleged Adarsh society scam is in fact a plot initiated by the then Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Gen VK Singh who took over as the Chief on 1st April 2010 from his predecessor Gen Deepak Kapoor. I state that, the plot was doctored by Gen VK Singh in order to settle his scores with his predecessors and also to tarnish and/or defame Adarsh society and its members. I state that, immediately after taking over as the COAS, the Army headquarters addressed a letter to Headquarters, Southern Command Pune seeking details about the Adarsh society case. I state that, the headquarters, Southern Command, Pune replied on April 6th, 2010 stating that, the case has already been comprehensively examined in the years 2003-04 and also suggested that the reopening of the case may not be advisable as it may lead to media manipulation and also will generate adverse publicity.”  
The society’s application then goes on to enumerate the actions which the Gen VK-led army took despite the Southern Command’s advice, inquiry conducted and how the army sought a CBI probe. While all of that may be common knowledge but what is significant is that the society has come out openly and decided to name Gen VK.
Last week, one of the main accused in the Adarsh case did give me an idea of the things to come. “Things started going wrong for us from April 2010 onwards. I do not want to mention names but we will very soon make a public announcement of the real villain in this entire saga. He has managed to remain hidden in all this but we will bring him out,” said the accused. Clearly, by naming Gen VK as the main ‘initiator of the alleged Adarsh scam’, the society has matched its words with action.
Will be interesting to see how the retired general responds.

So, what do you think about it?

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