A link lost and we don’t know why

Group Captain CGI Philip in his younger days. Courtesy: RIAF Journal
In the early hours of February 15, we discovered the loss of one of the very few remaining links we had with an era gone by. And the outrage grows when you don’t even know how and why it so happened! A private security guard, led by the incessant barking of stray dogs, stumbled upon the dumped body of Group Captain (retd) CGI Philip in a wasteland in Pune.
The 89-year-old veteran of World War II, shoulder-to-shoulder with the Americans and British, pounded the hapless Japanese out of Burma in 1945. He left the service in 1970. I had good fortune of interacting with relatives, former colleagues and friends of the departed soul only to realise the misfortune of not ever having interacted with the man himself. Please take a look at the exclusive news report cum tribute on his death and the questions surrounding: http://www.timesnow.tv/videoshow/4396189.cms

2 thoughts on “A link lost and we don’t know why”

  1. I was shocked to hear about Group Captain Philip’s death and wish to offer my deepest sympathies to his family. I greatly regret that I didn’t follow through with my intention of contacting the Group Captain via phone or mail when I found out about him through the Bharat Rakshak website. He knew my father and mentioned that my father was “a gifted violinist” and his (Gp Capt Philip’s) chemistry tutor. My father died in 1987, and I have been researching his personal history. Group Capt Philip’s memoir helped a daughter find out something new and special about her father, and for this I will always be grateful. If you are able to do so via your blog, I would appreciate it very much if you could convey my condolence to Group Captain Philip’s family.
    Pratima Shastri
    Daughter of Percy Shastri
    Retired officer of the RIAF and IAF

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