Somalia: China ups the ante

Ever since Kenya invaded Somalia, few months ago, there have been talks of all kind surrounding that operation. From overt and covert US support to Ethiopian and AU pledging support to Kenyan offensive. Iran has maintained constant support to Somalian population using the route of relief supplies. And now China, long-involved in Africa has decided to plunge into AU’s Somalian operation. Read:

So where does that leave India, given how severely we remain affected by Somalian piracy and how we have not missed a chance to mention of our stake in Somalia’s stability?

After PM Manmohan Singh’s statement of ssupport to AMISOM (African Mission In Somalia) in May 2011 – when Kenyan offensive was nowhere on the horizon, we pledged $ 2mn. But we have adopted the path of silence ever since our friendly and responsible Kenya got its men and machines rolling into Somalian badlands. Now as China ups the ante, by providing ‘equipments’ to AMISOM, is it we reviewed course? Read a former post written at the time of Kenyan invasion –


So, what do you think about it?

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