Now IAF discovers high-rise threat, wants builder to stop work pending NOC; On ground though work is in progress

Air Force authorities serving at the Lohegaon Air Force station may well need treatment for hyperopia – a defect which affects one’s vision of objects located nearby. And it does seem that they are getting the required treatment. Because after more than a year’s civil work on the massive Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) project, lying within 500m of the airbase, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has finally dashed off an ‘advisory’ to the local authorities.

The advisory however falls short of calling any action as it only ‘requests’ the SRA and builder to halt work and seek No Objection Certificate (NOC). It is anybody’s guess what is happening to this ‘request’. If you still didn’t get it, well the work at the site is moving ahead with full steam!

On January 19, 2011, before airing our report, we wrote to the AF station Lohegaon through the local Defence PRO for their comment on action taken. We’ve heard nothing from them till date. However, following our report on TIMES NOW (which you can check on:, the IAF’s New Delhi-based spokesperson reverted to us on January 26, 2010 and stated:

“On 03 Dec 2010, an advisory was sent by Air Force Station, Pune to the ACEO, Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA), Pune to obtain NOC from MoD through Air Force Station, Pune when it was established that constructions had commenced without the requisite NOC having been obtained. Construction of any high-rise building within 20 Kms of Pune airfield requires an NOC to be issued as per laid down Statutory Orders of January 1988. You may like to confirm from SRA further progress at their end.”

However, given that the local authorities are simply not heeding their call or may be the builder is too powerful to be challenged, question arises whether the IAF or any defence force for that matter needs such local agencies to execute their writ on things considered sensitive and clear violations? I am not sure because I do not know the law but am sure my friends reading this will know and I request them to guide me.

For more on this, watch this space.


2 thoughts on “Now IAF discovers high-rise threat, wants builder to stop work pending NOC; On ground though work is in progress”

  1. if you feel you are challenged from security and safety angle of defence needs and safety of personnel
    have you challenged the constriction than merely asking whether you have met compliance s

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