Nexus at work again; IAF base now stands compromised

Imagine this. Country’s premier airbase with sophisticated aircrafts and other potent platforms. The Air Force is to ensure that no threat emanates to the base from the surrounding areas. And yet, a massive complex having nine buildings of 11 floors each, sharing a common boundary station and lying within 500m of the base, is allowed to come up for a year and a half!

Yes, this is the story of the Air Force Station, Lohegaon in Pune.

Boundary breached? Among other assets, the AF station Lohegaon also houses Su-30s. Pic courtesy:

Please see our initial report on the subject on the following link:

Owing to persistent efforts and large-scale RTI usage, facts have finally begun to emerge in this case where a developer’s word was taken as the gospel truth. So much so that when the developer decided that no NOC from the Defence authorities was required (even though as per law the developer was bound to seek one) the state government and IAF simply nodded in agreement.

At this point it is unclear as to what caused the IAF of all the people to accommodate this humongous growth in its surroundings. But I can assure you that work to find that out, is in progress.  Watch this space.


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