Threat from an unexpected quarter: PLEASURE CRAFTS

Specimen of Pleasure Boat (Courtesy: Sydney Boat Show)
Ever since the sea-borne attack in Mumbai, the maritime security apparatus has been widely regulated. But latest inputs gathered by security agencies, available exclusively with show that the threat now emanates from hi-tech pleasure boats which are mushrooming across the countrys 7500km long coastline with little regulation taking place around them. Heres a report…

Please watch and revert with your feedback to make the issue more broad-based. This being purely a personal initiative, you may freely comment in the interest of enriching the discourse. Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Threat from an unexpected quarter: PLEASURE CRAFTS”

  1. After Mumbai attack govt. hastily expanded NSG hubs in corners of the country.This is like that govt. is ready to face such challenges instead of curbing it.Who would dare to tell “Prevention is better than cure.” This luxury boat issue is one case amonng too many internal security hazards which are unnoticed by concerned officials and media.There are too many
    impediments as internal security challenge viz. J & K issue,tumoil in NE, Naxals in India’s heartland, and other L&O problems due to improper ratio of population and police.The need of the day is forming of an ‘Internal Security Ministry’ which should be empowered to take decisions independently and in few cases with the help of GOM ,after being assured from intrnal security threat India could dream about becoming economic power…………………

  2. The red tape in shipping ministry is alarming even after it was revealed that the attackers of 26\11 came using the sea route. I recall the words of Kavita Karkare, wife of slained ATS head Hemant Karkare. She said, “I don’t feel safe even now.” I agree. The DG Shipping’s reply is pathetic. Your stories show we have not learned any lesson, whatsoever.
    God save Mumbai and India

  3. Jugal, I liked both of the above reports, and the video clip. Good insightful reporting, dost!


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