To these great men..

Its coming a tad late in the day but what the hell! Presenting my ode to the TEN Grand Losers of the election day:

  1. Guj CM Narendra Modi: has gone into hiding and isn’t available to the media. Thus dedicate a song to him “Jaane kahan gaye ‘Modi’in……??”
  2. Lalu Yadav: As a token of appreciation, the Congress government should provide him and Rabri free passes to travel on any Garib Rath train, anywhere in the country
  3. Paswan: Apne Pas ‘One’ seat bhi nahee rakh paye…
  4. Mulayam: Wrestling is to be done inside the ring…not in parliament and polling booths
  5. Amar Singh: Its time he takes his first name seriously and quits life…
  6. Mayawati: Stop dreaming of being the PM, its time to Be Strictly Practical (BSP)
  7. Sharad Pawar: Now that his PM dream too has come crashing down, he has changed his name to ‘Shared Power’
  8. Prakash Karat: An ode to his differences with Manmohan, who will once again take the high chair – See PM
  9. Deve Gowda: He should take to what he does the best, especially in these tough times…..sleep over it!
  10. Jayalalithaa: AIioo-DMK!!

So, what do you think about it?

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