Flight of pansy

Got no qualms, we are discussing me. Be more precise, my first flight experience. And having completed that, feel I was unduly worried and acting like a wreck.

All through the 46 minute flight, from Mumbai CSIA to Dabolim, Goa, I stretched my senses thin to feel even the slightest of jerk, strain or uncalled for  movement. Amidst all this, my fingers were focused on my cell. I was typing my dairy out in it. Wanted to document those memorable minutes. So, here goes..

Sunday, 5:20am, December 28, 2008: First flight! Jeez, that take off was something, wasn’t it – boy, for a moment, I was almost thrown back – when we went up, the scene looked so awesome! – felt like an international photo like opportunity – must say the darkness hides the worst of the city and illuminates only the still-decent frame.

The damn thing is flying at 700-odd km/hr…oh now its 810km/hr –  now that’s a  speed I would love to watch on ground –  may be an express bullet train or something – now, its 845km/hr!! Tearaway man! – chics around are pretty too – one just served me some breakfast…burgers and jazz! – anyway, thoda sa breakfast karta hu….oh by the way, we are at 8200m height and 871km/hr… Brb..

Ya, am back – fuck all breakfast! – lets not even waste time describing it – must mention that it struck me how it would be to have a crash or a hijack..boy! – not that am out of it all – hehe..should I even be joking about it? – am sure there are air marshals around me, even as I type away on this unlimited page wala notebook – Goa, as we know, is on a high security alert..

My cells playing Tom Petty’s ‘Into the great wide open’ –  thats the song which marked my last trip to Goa – now, we are almost parellel to Kolhapur…Belgaum is on my left – saala this air travel has made a joke out of these places..reaching them in no time – after traveling over sea all this while (actually 20 minutes), we are now over land, can see on the screen in front of me that we are taking a left-the outside temperature is a warm and comforting -4 degree…

It is funny what people opt to watch on their screens..like for example, my cameraperson is watching Rock On! Come on…he might as well watch its trailer…coz the time left to end this flight is almost that much – Ms Yana Gupta just showed up, telling us that we are about to land – there is it, journey completed – guess it is Goa that am seeing beneath our plane or may be some place or whatever..

Five minutes more…- oh my God its going down!! Hehe, but controlled hai – ok lights are out – time to hit the ground. Hehe, am excited. Going..goin…goin…any moment now. Hey spotted the Panjim city bridge over the Mandovi river! Yeay! Wow am I cool or not – we are coming down…touching….did it….did it…wow what a roar…laga ki hum log gaye! But it was a smoothie yaar…compared to the take off – its 6am, blunt…well, saw the first glimpse of the Dabolim airport building – got to admit they couldn’t have come up with a more rudimentary structure…

Plane halted – journey over! 46 minutes – anyway, flyboy in me is back on ground – no crash, no hijack, no vomit either and returning to my roots in a single piece.

Good morning!

wasn't so bad...


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