Bad books

Just like how every television channel is ‘No. 1’, most books you pick up are ‘greatest’, ‘most brilliant’, ‘thrilling’, ‘smartest’ and so on. Wonder if there are books which believe in modesty. Like I would appreciate if a book has this written on its back page: ‘The author believes he has managed to do a decent job with this one when compared to his last one. People improve with time and the author wants to assure you that he too is very much human.’

Guess then the only ‘bad’ books are those belonging to children. Bad because handwriting is bad, spellings are bad, punctuation is not upto the mark, it does not have a brown cover purchased from school’s library etc etc.

Bad book - Notebook?
Bad book - Notebook?


What we need, to change the status quo is some writer, a gutsy man who would undertake the task of writing a ‘Bad book’. The path will be tough. Magazines, websites, television channels, fellow authors will all want to take it away from the writer and give their remarks absolving the book of all its hard-earned, bad qualities. Along with writer, we also need an equally gutsy publisher to support such a venture. It won’t be easy.

My critics on this blog (gleefully assuming that people read my posts) will ask what is my contribution to this herculean task, apart from merely scripting some words. I have begun by writing a bad blog today. Isn’t it?


So, what do you think about it?

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