Spirit of Mumbai, SUCKED

It was 12:30am, yesterday. Sitting in front of the television, I was still absorbing what Delhi had undergone six hours ago. Between trying to react afresh to the incident and countering the cliche that has set in, my train of thought was disturbed by a firecracker explosion. It made my blood boil that some nutcase was out there, ‘celebrating’ whatever he had to. As night turned into day and into night once again, I realised, that nutcase had a really big family.

Ganpati visarjans have never enthused me, I will be frank. But given their scale and nature this time, they irked me. Mumbai supposedly has a ‘spirit’, if we are to go by what politicians and media, among others say. As suspected, the ‘spirit’ is a synonym for insensitivity. Mumbai doesn’t stop, come what may because Mumbaikars can’t afford to. Thank our politicians for that.

Anyway, digressing too much from the topic.

Ganesh visarjan 2008, for me, will remain an opportunity lost and lost by choice at that. Could we not keep the music, dance, orchestra and fanfare down a little (am not asking for a shutdown, mind you) for our brothers in Delhi? No one is asking for the show to not go on. It must and it should. But I see a middle ground between keeping the show on and showing that we care. Mumbai and Mumbaikars, chose to not see that middle ground. Thus, the spirit sucked. I am directly making my case against the city and people, not including our political leadership for I see no point. Though a statement from the Chief Minister or Governor, appealing people to celebrate but also show come concern for Delhi victims would have given some hope.

While I was debating the same issue with a friend, he told me, “You are right. In an ideal world, what you said should be done.” Whether the world progresses towards the ideal or un-ideal, who is responsible? Us. He however had a point when he said, “Well even if I agree with you, what can I do today?” The answer is, we can’t do much for we are not in control of anything beyond our own life. But we must begin, make the right choices and take the right decisions. The spirit of Mumbai sucked because those driving it suck. Let us ensure we don’t let it happen again.


One thought on “Spirit of Mumbai, SUCKED”

  1. While I agree that celebrations should have been muted, I disagree about the leadership part. There are many things where one’s common sense and sense of community bonding should be enough to do the right thing. That we are ruled by no one worth looking up to is again our doing and to blame our insensitivities on them is just passing the buck.

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