To all those who never knew..

It doesn’t surprise me, actually nothing about us human beings does, that people can struggle all their lives for something and when they get it, they do not even see it. Simple as it is, you can spot something only when you know what is there to spot. When translated into our world, a person can acknowledge something only when he or she knows what they are awaiting.

But what if you are wearing the wrong glasses and you can not recognise things? Naturally, most will turn bitter at how life ‘simply failed them’. It can be a miserable state to be me, I have seen it. There is an old saying, ‘Life either makes you bitter or better’, it is all about wearing the right glasses, or is it? 

Do feel there is a way out even if you have worn the wrong glasses. We always have a choice, remember those great words? Tend to believe in them a lot. Whether you chose to face the sun and shine brighter, go down the wire like a fighter or simly gulp down water and plummet to the unknown depths of the ocean of life, only you can decide. In those times when I would read Osho often, the one thing I remember more than anything else is a line – You are responsible for yourself.

Can anybody put you in a spot without your consent? No, absolutely not.

Came across someone who gave up after a point in life. Sad as the case is, the person struggled all his life for what his belief was. He kept scoring his points, earned respect and was well on his way but because he wore the wrong glasses, he couldn’t see the fruits he had earned and gradually felt that life had simply failed him. What next? He decided to give it up. Let it all come crashing down and he lives to this day, cursing what he got. Little does he realise that he got what he did only because he chose to settle with it. He was too tired to bargain, he was too disillusioned to hope, was too scared to take an initiative and too fragile to take the rough road. And thus made the decision. It was his choice. Even though he was a winner, he can not think beyond being a victim. He never really knew… 

They say, in life you never know. So even though I talk these things today, I don’t know what will await me, tomorrow. But if I falter, wear the wrong glasses and make the wrong choice, then I hope to read this, at least.


So, what do you think about it?

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