Mr. Terrorist, I surrender

A terror attack is an attack on our freedom and way of life, as much as it is on our people and property. The way we are is what irks them and by perpetrating such acts, they want us to change. I want to tell the terrorists, I surrender. I will change.

Henceforth, I will live my life more fully, will enjoy and savour every moment that I have, will be a responsible citizen, will be a more compassionate human being and will use whatever I have of my life towards making this world a better place. There is enough damage that even those who are not seen as terror creators are doing that every human being working towards a better tomorrow has already got his/her task cut out. Yes, Mr. Terrorist, I will change.

Mr. Terrorist, I will change the way I have been, all these years. It is thanks to you that I will be more sensitive, more understanding, more aware, more open and more tolerant. And every time I stray, it will be your fear that will make me stick to my new path. It is also thanks to you that I will work for a world where no youngster will ever have to take up arms instead of books and take the route that you had to. I will work towards destroying you.

Thank you.


So, what do you think about it?

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