Enough is enough!

Normally, when you have been through a lot, seen it all and not liked it, you want to change things. Keeping this universally acclaimed principal in mind, when you are frustrated with something/someone and you know the water has gone above the limit, you decide to act decisively. With a determined mind, all set to act on your agitated thoughts, one yells out, “Enough is enough!”

Come to think about it, its an anti-climax. You can equate it with the hype built up for an Indo-Pak cricket tie and it being rained off before starting! It is a flaw, the expression is. I mean what are you trying to convey by saying something like ‘Enough is enough!’? Is it something that you had to yell out so that the world could enlighten itself on it? Or you discovered the mantra in those moments of anger, pain and frustration? Or is it something that noone has ever acknowledged before you chose to? WHAT??????

Enough – the word, throughout the history of its existence on this planet, has always been known as ‘enough’. I can assure you. I even pledge that never was ‘enough’ known as ‘dsflkjgvn’ or aerhdewdfen’ (or any such typo I can come up with). Then why do we keep on harping ‘enough is enough’? Let us make a start somewhere. 

In fact, the time is ripe, right now. You have just read this post and decided that you won’t ever visit my idle-mind workshop that this site represents. So, go on, determine it for yourself and tell me how I have had it this time or how I could ever fall to such an extent and all that sort of things. Say what you like but you know what not to say 🙂


So, what do you think about it?

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