Goan diaries – I

Goa isn’t exactly known for its diaries but may be after I write, it will..

For those who do not know, I visited Goa between June 7 and 10. Since friends were busy and none of them was unlucky enough to be forced to join me, I made the trip alone.

Saturday June 7

It was Tom Petty number I hadn’t heard before but it was a recommended one nonetheless. So it found a place in my cell phone as I prepared for my Goan odyssey. Little did I know that the song would come to define the trip I had undertaken. Dodging the activated shuffle system, it played out as my journey from Mumbai began at 10pm. Its lyrics rang into me as I looked out of window in the bus:

Into the great wide open

Under the sky so blue..

Out in the great wide open

A rebel without a clue

From being an unfamiliar number to a ‘member of the core group’, it made the transition quickly. Felt as if it was being sung by someone seeing me. It always feels nice to have found good company among many, doesn’t it? I slept a happy man…(in this, I must also acknowledge the assistance lent by bus walla who played Imraan Hasmi starrer Jannat


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