Down to the waterline

Stumbled upon something as I was chilling out on Saturday evening. An English song, when sung with the lyrics in front of your eyes is akin to getting to know someone you like, more deeply. 

For example, this song by Dire Straits – Down to the waterline; I heard it for the first time as I was checking my mails and finishing some chores. It turned out a catchy number featuring the God-like guitar and Knopfler’s voicebox. Perfect recipe for my ears and heart. Thus I immediately took a liking to it. As for the words, I understood a few while not all and it really did not matter much.

But on that evening, I just checked out the lyrics and went through them before letting the music on. It came to me that behind the great sounding, kickass number was a lover’s stylish yet sensitive recollection of the time he spent hanging around the airport with his mate. Talking of the pilot lights and running for cover from the cops in the same breath as describing the moneyless jackets, cold hands but warm lips zoomed one back to the thrills of early youth romance. A masterpiece indeed!

Had I not taken the effort I wouldn’t have ever known how much deeper I could know and sink myself into the composition. I do enjoy the ‘company’ of the song a lot more now.      


3 thoughts on “Down to the waterline”

  1. althoughmany people might diagree, you cannot truly enjoy music unless u undertsand the lyric. and that holds very true in case of rock. guns n roses may have great vocals and guitar and all that but the poetry forms the sould of it alll. In fact, if you delve a little deeper and find out more abotut he writer’s life then, you get a whole new sense for the song. also, sumtimes u just relate a song to ur own life and the connect remains for life…
    enjoyed reading this…

  2. thanks for the comment. i agree with what you stated. i think one can compare listening to a sing and having the lyrics along to reading a blog of a person you know. what you think? in both cases, you get a sense of understanding the picture in its whole sense.

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