Me, the who

I began as someone. On the way, I met people, I observed them. I saw their good points and bad points. Tried to take the good and move ahead. Met some more people, saw some more good and bad. Again, took the good and tried to avoid the bad and moved on. Saw a few more people. It was interesting now, because some good that I knew of seemed wrong. And somethings which were initially wrong, began making sense. I did my bit – picked up the best and moved on. Today, perhaps not through with even half of my share of stay on the planet, I have seen this mix and match. Though undeniably, there is something of me that still remains as it was from day one, I would be an idiot to say very little has changed. Wonder how I would be when I shut shop. Will I be more like how I began as or will more change within? Will I move closer to myself or drift away? Will I be I or someone I don’t know? I don’t know. Meet me, the who.     


One thought on “Me, the who”

  1. Maybe you should try absorbing the bad around you…it helps!

    I like the lime green colour by the way. Doesn’t remind me of Kareena’s bikini at all :p

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