Something to work towards

We all work. I do as a journalist, you do as a student and some other person does it as something else. And what are we working towards?, luxuries, fame and everything else that everyone else is working for….yawn. So much so for the unique path we chose for ourselves as individuals!

Yesterday, as I was conversing with my girlfriend, we stumbled upon something which I want to work towards. More competition I have, the better and having done this brings me the sweetness I miss in life. 

It goes like this – I meet, say, 10 people, everyday. Of which 8-9 or all 10 turn out to be those indifferent souls that the world is full of. These souls dont give a damn who you are and why you met them and in fact, flowing with the foul-mood that most in world do, for them everyone who meets them is a cause for a splitting headache. This can be your traffic constable, your liftman,a government servant you are wanting to get some work done from. In this situation, why not be considerate? Be that beacon which shines above all and bright. It is simple – I want to behave like an individual and not like a part of a system (which anyways sucks). Several times, I wish to do these ‘nice’ things but stop because ‘it doesnt look proper’ or may be ‘people don’t be so nice’. No denying, you got to get even with the promoters of rascalities all over but where there is no malice, I want to just, be good. 

Last evening, I met an ex-defence official. Since what we discussed on was so technical, I came out with a mental condition one identifies with those who just finish watching ‘Saawariya’. There, in front of me was an old Parsi uncle. Wearing a banyan and shorts and was struggling to walk with a pair of supporters. Out of nowhere, HE asked me, “So, how are you doing?” Being a man from the world (and am not being sexist), I was caught by surprise and it took me a few seconds to register this genuine inquiry. I answered, “Am well. How are you?” To which he gave a frank reply indicating his time has passed and he was just ‘hanging on’. Minutes passed and then the lift door opened, I wished him well and exited. For sometime I kept pondering whether it was the man’s absent-mindedness or friendly nature that made him converse with me. Decided that whatever it was, it made me feel nice for him because he could have that conversation since he wanted and for me too, for this chat was like a cool breeze in summer time. And that is because he did a ‘nice’ thing and did not stop because ‘it doesnt look proper’ or may be ‘people don’t be so nice’.

Anyway, time to rush. Circus of life is about to begin but am gonna keep in mind, things I discussed. Bye.



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