Villains we seek..

Man is a social animal, we are all a part of the society and so as to make good of our society, we should look up to, and for, heroes. To lead us and propel us upwards from the nadir, we just so often achieve. But what I don’t agree with is the real implementation of what I scribbled. I am writing this purely out of my observations of self and outside and may be by the end of this essay, I would have painted myself red in the loser portrait but that is not exactly unfamiliar territory.


So what is this point of view of mine all about? It’s simple – instead of heroes, we seek villains. Villains are the ones, we make them drive us, we crave for them and sometimes unless you have villains, you don’t know where to place your next step. Been through this myself too but obviously the vagaries of the writer can take a back seat, we can start with what one sees around. You are late to work – it is the boss who is the evil reincarnated for having kept the reporting time to this or may be it is that corrupt IAS officer running the transport department, who is filing his coffers while you don’t get your bus. It can be anybody but you. There is a problem with your appraisals, of course the HR doesn’t have any corner for you, forget the softer one at that. As for working hard, doing better – well that can wait.
Don’t we all just let out this sadist-like ease when we’ve managed to pin the blame on to someone who ‘just isn’t the right man for the job’? Not only internally does that lend your troubled heart a moment of false triumph, even on the outside, you manage attracting a lot of similarly-frustrated souls (and as we know, the worlds full of them). That in turn gives you the high of having detected the rot, may be akin to discovering what causes cancer!


Heroes, what happens to them? I don’t think we quite like the fact that there is someone who is better than us. So we dig around and sniff around and try and come up with something which breaks the image that there indeed is someone ‘really good’.

The ones who are deft breaking images – generally the ones we find with most amount of ugly, dirty cynicism (and not healthy, competitive criticism) are the ones with a lot of mass following. People hear them when they talk, they believe them because it’s like home. What you’ve always felt but never had the guts or people to say to is being said by somebody, is being legitimized. Wow!


Guess am trying to grow out of this and successfully implement what Osho said, “You are responsible for everything that happens to you.” On understanding it well, this one, very ordinary-sounding sentence can make you realise that all your problems are solvable and that too because most are your own creations. It proves that the quest for identifying villains outside is a witch hunt. If I would achieve that realisation in Toto then I would be in much younger an age than when Osho perhaps thought of it. But am again far from achieving that too and so are most mortals. So, till that is achieved, our villain-seeking ‘hearts will go on’


So, what do you think about it?

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